Internship period:

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

2019 09 02 – 2019 10 31

2 months, 40 hours per week

Deadline of internship organisation is 30th of June.

      I. What you have to do:

• Find a company/institution for the practice/internship or log-in in the internship system and apply for a placement, which are published by companies.

• The work done during the practice must be related to the knowledge and practical skills acquired during the Pharmaceutical Chemistry studies.

• The practice of the student must be supervised by two practice supervisors: the practice supervisor of the company/institution (the employee appointed in the agreement) and supervisor from the faculty (dr. Živilė Stankevičiūtė).

       II. After internship position selection:

  • Before filling the agreement in the system, students must combine the subject and tasks of the practice with the company/institution and the university practice supervisor (you can send by email: ).
  • Fill an agreement, submit, print 3 copies, sign them, give to company/institution director for signing and submit all 3 copies to the faculty dean's office.
  • After that you will have 2 copies – one for you, one for the company. The third copy is for the faculty.


       III. At the end of the internship:

  1. Submit written report to the department;
  2. The practice supervisor of the company/institution must complete the student's practice evaluation questionnaire;
  3. Student also must complete a questionnaire.

The report of the traineeship must be prepared according to the example provided by the faculty. The title page of the report must include:

  • Scoring and signature of a company/institution practice supervisor;
  • Company/institution stamp;
  • Signature of the university practice supervisor (dr. Živilė Stankevičiūtė).
  • If there is no company stamp on the practice report, then the student must provide a certificate about the practice from the company (stamped and signed by the supervisor).

        IV. Final step – oral presentation with PowerPoint slides.

Erasmus traineeship could be counted as professional traineeship (it is reflected in diploma and you might get academic credits).

For more information please contact Živilė Stankevičiūtė (dean office (room 222) admission hours: I: 10.00 - 12.00; II: 13.30 - 15.30).

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