Prof. Dr. Jurate Senvaitiene

Prof. Dr. Jurate Senvaitiene

Address: Rudninku str. 8, LT-01135 Vilnius
Phone: +370 (5) 261 7941, mob.: +370 699 21121
Fax: +370 (5) 261 7941

Date of Birth

February 29th, 1956 in Vilnius.


  • Master at the Vilnius University, Faculty of Chemistry (1979);
  • PhD degree at the Vilnius University, Faculty of Chemistry (2006).


  • Deputy director of Lithuanian Art Museum;
  • Head of Pranas Gudynas Restoration Centre;
  • Assoc. Prof. at the Dept. of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Vilnius university, Faculty of Chemistry.



  • Investigation and Conservation of Cultural Heritage;
  • Theory of conservation.




32 positions are in the list of publications (2 books, 16 articles, 14 conference thesis) and 22 other publications.

Publication list of the last 5 years:

  1. J. Bagdzevičienė, G. Niaura, E. Garškaitė, J. Senvaitienė, J. Lukšėnienė, S. Tautkus, Spectroscopic analysis of lead tin yellow pigment in medieval necklace beads from Kernavė-Kriveikiškės cemetery in Lithuania. Chemija, 22 (4) (2011) 216–222.
  2. D. Jasaitis, A. Beganskienė, J. Senvaitienė, A. Kareiva, R. Ramanauskas, R. Juškėnas, A. Selskis. Sol-Gel Synthesis and Characterization of Cobalt Chromium Spinel CoCr2O4. Chemija, 22(2) (2011) 125–130.
  3. A. Gatelytė, J. Senvaitienė, D. Jasaitis, A. Beganskienė, A. Kareiva. SEM characterization of sol-gel-derived precursors, novel black pigments and glazes. Chemija, 22 (1) (2011) 19–24.
  4. D. Jonynaitė, J. Senvaitienė, A. Beganskienė, A. Kareiva. Spectroscopic analysis of blue cobalt smalt pigment. Vibrational Spectroscopy, 52 (2010) 158–162.
  5. J. Bagdzevičienė, J. Senvaitienė, J. Lukšėnienė, S. Tautkus. Investigation of the Technique of Painting on a Tin Alloy Plate. Chemija, 20(2) (2009) 93–100.
  6. D. Jonynaitė, J. Senvaitienė, J. Kiuberis, A. Kareiva, R. Juškėnas, R. Ramanauskas. XRD characterization of cobalt-based historical pigments and glazes. Chemija, 20(1) (2009) 10–18.
  7. D. Jonynaite, D. Jasaitis, J. Senvaitiene, A. Kareiva, A. Selskis, R. Juskenas. Synthesis of CoNH4PO4 pigment by co–precipitation method. Chemija, 19 (3–4) (2008) 23–26.
  8. A. Krapukaityte, J. Senvaitiene, A. Merkevicius, S. Tautkus, A. Kareiva. Characterization of the Bronze Age pottery from different archaeological complexes of Lithuania. Chemine Technologija, 49(3–4) (2008) 11–18.
  9. I. Pakutinskiene, J. Kiuberis, P. Bezdicka, J. Senvaitienė, A. Kareiva. Analytical characterization of Baltic amber by FTIR, XRD and SEM. Canadian Journal of Analytical Sciences and Spectroscopy, 52 (5) (2007) 297–304.
  10. A. Merkevičius, P. Bezdicka, R. Juškėnas, J. Kiuberis, J. Senvaitienė, I. Pakutinskienė, A. Kareiva. XRD and SEM characterization of archaeological findings excavated in Lithuania. Chemija, 18 (1) (2007) 36–39.
  11. J. Senvaitiene, J. Smirnova, A. Beganskiene, A. Kareiva. XRD and FTIR characterisation of lead oxide-based pigments and glazes. Acta Chimica Slovenica, 54 (2007) 185–193.

Participation in Grants and Projects

  • 2008–2010 – Development of int. Training Contents for Gold Forging Handicraft in the Field of Restoration (LLP-LdV-PRT-2008-LT-0014);
  • 2011–2013 – Conception of Didactical Gudelines for Gold- and Silversmith Handicraft Training.
    (Nr. LLP-LdV-PRT-2011 LT-0274)

Educational Activities


  • History of Art Works Technology;
  • Theory of Cultural Heritage Conservation;
  • Compatibility of Conservation Methods and Art Works Technology.

Teaching Materials and Methodological Aids

  • Muziejinių rinkinių priežiūra II dalis: Meno kūrinių restauravimo etiniai ir estetiniai principai. Straipsnių rinkinys. Ed. J. Senvaitienė, J. Lukšėnienė, L. J. Vedrickienė (Vilnius: Lietuvos muziejų asociacija ir Lietuvos dailės muziejus, 2009) (in Lithuanian);
  • Muziejinių rinkinių priežiūra I dalis: Meno kūrinių technikos ir tyrimai. Straipsnių rinkinys. Ed. J. Senvaitienė, J. Lukšėnienė, L. J. Vedrickienė (Vilnius: Lietuvos muziejų asociacija ir Lietuvos dailės muziejus, 2008) (in Lithuanian).


  • 2011 – Cross of the Knight of the Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas.