Dr. Kristina Klemkaite-Ramanauske

Dr. Kristina Klemkaite-Ramanauske

Address: Naugarduko str. 24, LT-03225 Vilnius, room 240
Phone: +370 (5) 219 3108
Fax: +370 (5) 233 0987

Date of Birth

May 4th, 1983.


  • 2007 – Master of Science Degree, Vilnius University, Faculty of Chemistry;
  • 2005 – Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry, Vilnius University, Faculty of Chemistry.


PhD student.



  • Investigation of hydrotalcite type materials (layered double hydroxides) synthesis, decomposition, reconstitution („memory effect“) and catalytic properties.


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    o Conference theses and presented posters.
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