Dr. Jurgis Pilipavicius

Dr. Jurgis Pilipavicius

Address: Naugarduko str. 24, LT-03225 Vilnius, room 162
Phone: +370 (5) 219 3184, mob.: +370 622 16474
Fax: +370 (5) 233 0987

Date of Birth

  • 1987-06-18


  • 1994:2003: Juknaičiai secondary school
  • 2003-2005: Šilutė Ist Gymnasium
  • 2005-2009: Studies on Restoration and Conservation Chemistry, Bachelor’s degree, Vilnius University, Faculty of Chemistry;
  • 2009-2011: Chemistry Studies, Master’s degree on Chemistry, Vilnius University, Faculty of Chemistry


  • Past:
    • 2008-2013: Restoration technologist at Lithuanian Art Museum
  • Current:
    • 2013 – present: Junior Researcher,Vilnius University, Department of Chemistry
    • 2013 – present: Assistant Lecturer, Vilnius University, Department of Chemistry

Research interests

  • Sol-gel composite materials
  • Synthesis of inorganic dielectric, semi-conductive and metallic nanoparticles
  • Synthesis of non-linear optical materials and composites
  • Functional thin films and coatings, wet chemical coating technologies


  1. B. Abakeviciene,  A. Zalga, S. Tautkus, J. Pilipavicius, E. Navickas, A. Kareiva and S. Tamulevicius. Synthesis of YSZ thin films by the novel aqueous sol-gel citrate-precursor method. Solid State Ionics,  225 (2012) 73-76.
  2. A. A. Aleknavicius, R. Smilingis, M. Grishin, A. Michailovas, K. Michailovas, J. Pilipavicius, V. Girdauskas and M. Gabalis. Multi-disk: concept and realisation of a collinearly pumped multiple thin disk active medium. Quantum Electronics,  41 (2011) 590-594.
  3. J. Pilipavicius, I. Kazadojev, A. Beganskiene, A. Melninkaitis, V. Sirutkaitis and A. Kareiva. Hydrophobic Antireflective Silica Coatings via Sol-gel Process. Materials Science-Medziagotyra,  14 (2008)  283-287.
  4. J. Pilipavicius, N. Rusteika, A. Kausas, A. Beganskiene and A. Kareiva. Silica-carbon Nanotubes Composite Coatings as Saturable Absorbers. 2012 12th Ieee Conference on Nanotechnology. 2012.
  5. J. Pilipavicius, D. Sakalauskas, A. Beganskiene, A. Kareiva and Iop, Synthesis of Silica-Carbon Nanotube Composite Materials and Their Application for Laser Systems. International Conference on Functional Materials and Nanotechnologies (Fm&Nt2012),  38 (2012)