“Nanochemistry and Nanomaterials”

by Sol Gel Chemistry Group ,

"Nanochemistry and nanomaterials" International Conference of Young Chemists “Nanochemistry and nanomaterials” took place in a resort town Palanga on December 7-9 and was attended by chemists from as many as 13 countries, including Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Denmark, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, France, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary, Germany and Lithuania.

The conference aimed to bring together young chemists to discuss the latest achievements in nanomaterials research.

Presentations were given by guest scientists, 40 posters on the latest nanomaterials synthesis methods as well as other research areas of nanochemistry were presented.

The International Conference of Young Chemists was organised to celebrate the 215th anniversary of the founding of the Faculty of Chemistry at Vilnius University.

Source: www.jaunasis-tyrejas.lt