Guest Lecture by Prof. Eugenijus Urnezius

by Skirmante Butkute ,

Eugenijus Urnėžius (didelė nuotrauka)We are pleased to invite you to a lecture by Prof. Eugenijus Urnezius (University of Portland) on the topic of:

Binucleating ligands based on phosphine-appended hydroquinones: A rewarding challenge“.

The lecture will take place in the Inorganic Chemistry Auditorium at the Faculty of Chemistry on December 19th at 4 pm.

Dr. Eugenijus Urnezius has received his Ph.D. degree from Case Western Reserve University, and his undergraduate degree (Diploma in Chemistry) from Vilnius University in Lithuania. Prior to joining the University of Portland he taught at Michigan Technological University (2001-2009). Dr. Urnezius teaches lectures and labs in General Chemistry and in Inorganic Chemistry. His research interests include syntheses and investigations of redox-active coordination compounds.