We are inviting you to apply for the project competition 2019 of the Baltic-German University Liaison Office. In the attachment you will find a press release and a poster of the project competition.

 What is the aim of the project competition?

The main idea of the project competition is to promote the scientific cooperation between the Baltic States and Germany. Moreover, the target is to rise the quality and diversity of education and science in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

What do we support?

 We support any field of science and all types of scientific research. The projects can represent any scientific field and can be carried out in different forms, such as seminars and guest lectures, research projects, conferences, publications etc.

 What are the conditions of the participation?

  • The applicant must represent a higher education or research institution in Latvia, Estonia or Lithuania.
  • The applicant must cooperate with a partner, who represents a state or a licensed university or some other research institution in Germany. Additionally, more than one partner from Germany and the Baltic States can be involved in the project. Projects, in which all three Baltic States are involved, obtain priority, concerning the approval.
  • The project must improve the quality of higher education and the development of science in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania and must strengthen scientific cooperation with Germany. 

How much financial support can I get?

Projects can receive financial support up to max. 5 000 EUR.

 What documents must be submitted?

  1. Project application 
  2. Financial plan 
  3. Cooperation confirmation from the German partner

     In which language the documents must be submitted?

The project application and financial plan have to be submitted either in German with the project summary in English or in English with the project summary in German.

Where can I find the application forms?

The application forms you can find and download here: http://www.hochschulkontor.lv/en/projects/documents-to-be-submitted.

 What should I keep in mind for applying?

Before completing the application forms, we kindly recomend you to become acquainted with the project guidelines: http://www.hochschulkontor.lv/images/Project_guidelines_2019.pdf

What are the application deadlines?

  • 15.10.2018 (project implementation period between 01.02.2019 and 31.10.2019)


  • 15.03.2019 (project implementation period between 01.06.2019 and 15.11.2019)

     Where can I ask additional questions?

 You can contact us via e-mail  or by phone +371 67286033.

 Further information: http://www.hochschulkontor.lv/en/projects. 


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